Rekkar-Sarrat – a land of history, intrigue, and opportunity. For two thousand years the Pharaohs of the Pharosi ruled over the floodplain with gilded fists, but their reign has faded into near obscurity. Commerce rules the land now, the goods and services channeled down the river from half the world over and the jingling of coins they bring. It is a time of unprecedented flourishing, of trade and prosperity, of community and cooperation.

Yet gold sows just as much woe as growth.

Pirates prowl the great river, brigands roam the roads, monsters lurk in the fields, and the growling of threats beyond the borders are ever at the edge of hearing. Perhaps most dangerously, the wealthiest will do anything in their power to cling onto their status. And there are whispers of the last remaining Pharaohs stirring in their discontent, agitated serpents waiting to strike…

What do you seek in this great land, traveler? Exploration, enterprise, and adventure grow lush in the lands of the river. There is fortune aplenty for those who would take it, and power for those bold enough to call it theirs. Or do you seek the ancient relics and time-lost secrets swept beneath of shifting sands?

Whatever your path, take care that you find prosperity ahead of you, and not a dagger behind.