Half-elves are relatively common within Rekkar-Sarrat, much more so than full-blooded elves, and can be found in every province along the Lifeblood. The half-elven penchant for wandering and traveling often leads them into far-off places throughout the world, and Rekkar-Sarrat and the surrounding lands are no exception. Many half-elves serve as merchants, mercenaries, and sailors out of several nations and kingdoms and are commonly seen on ships that sail down the Lifeblood and doing business in the many port cities along its banks.

Of all travelers from lands beyond, half-elves are among the mostly likely to stay in Rekkar-Sarrat, finding that the diverse cultures and vast avenues for livelihood offer them many more opportunities than other places they might come across. A half-elf who steps off of a foreign vessel and strikes out into Rekkar-Sarrat will find many have done the same, and have even formed communities of their own in the cities and towns of the river. In fact, a large percentage of the half-elven population in Rekkar-Sarrat and the surrounding lands is made up of third, fourth, or more generation immigrants descended from lineages of half-elves. That is to say, many half-elves in the riverlands have two half-elven parents rather than one human and one elf parent. For those half-elves that do have a human and elf as parents, they are more often than not recent additions to Rekkar-Sarrat, having come to the land as a trader, mercenary, fortune-seeker, traveler, or other occupation, and whose elven blood is that of a Solari elf or other off-continent stock. Half-elves who call a Iban’Iwa painted elf a parent are virtually unheard of as of yet, as the painted elf population within Rekkar-Sarrat is both miniscule and relatively new. Further, Iban’Iwa that would take a human companion are fewer still, only counted among those painted elves who have forsaken their culture and their people for a life in the floodplain.

Half-elves make up a large portion of the consistent population of Rekkar-Sarrat, just behind humans and gnomes. They are most common in riverside cities, where commerce, business, and industry are the most widespread and lucrative and provide the most opportunities. They also serve as soldiers in the borders between Rekkar-Sarrat and Ghitu Azrak, the Sandwaste, and the Wall of Karssus. Some half-elves also travel the Nomadi’ai with Nomadi tribes, and others have found homes in the southern areas of Rekkar-Sarrat among the more primitive peoples. Further, half-elven travelers have been seen exploring the surrounding regions such as the Scablands and Dunes of Endless Sun.

Game Information:

Racial Stat Adjustments +2 to any one ability score
Type Humanoid (Human and Elf)
Size Medium
Base Speed 30 ft.
Languages Automatic – Common (Trade-Tongue), Elven (Solari). Additional – Any
Adaptability Half-elves receive Skill Focus as a bonus feat at 1st level.
Integration +1 racial bonus on Bluff, Sense Motive, and Knowledge (Local) checks
Dual-Minded +2 racial bonus on will saves
Keen Senses +2 racial bonus on Perception


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