Though there are no true orcs indigenous to the lands of Rekkar-Sarrat, half-orcs are somewhat common along the river. Like half-elves (and usually even more so), half-orcs often feel lost in society and civilization, the conflicting natures of their lineage making it difficult for them to find a place to call their own. Even their mere presence can illicit hostility throughout certain areas of the world. Such derision often forces or leads half-orcs into a wayward lifestyle, becoming thugs, criminals, laborers, mercenaries, and the like, and they are often on the move whether it is their own decision or not. Many such half-orcs often end up on ships, fleeing somewhere for some reason, and many ships end up in ports along the Lifeblood. Rekkar-Sarrat has much to offer people such as half-orcs, where there truly is a job for everyone. Many half-orcs who disembark in Rekkar-Sarrat find good cause to stay. In current times, the cities and people of Rekkar-Sarrat are much more indiscriminate than other areas in the world, and especially more indiscriminate than they themselves used to be. In a land where a multitude of races congregate around the simple concepts of profit and commerce, half-orcs are just another group.

Many of the half-orcs in Rekkar-Sarrat have come off of ships, finding work as stevedores, builders, sailors, and bodyguards in the port cities of the river. Though such jobs may be the most common for half-orcs due to their valued natural strength and tenacity, they can be seen in nearly any position where their individual skills are recognized. Many half-orcs capitalize on their innate physical prowess and the aggressive nature of their orc blood and seek out martial or dangerous avenues of livelihood. Many pit fighting and gladiatorial arenas throughout Rekkar-Sarrat see many half-orcs as regular contestants. They also join the staffs of the wealthy as security detail or household guards, or even work as enforcers for more nefarious groups or merchants. Others have moved further away from the river and can be found working as caravan guards, miners, and scouts throughout the land. Half-orcs are common in forts and in frontier towns that see more danger than inland settlements, where raiders may frequent. In lands that have official standing armies such as Almessyr or Abim-Arrak there are numbers of half-orc soldiers. Half-orc explorers and adventurers are prevalent as well and are often sought after for their reputations as excellent fighters and stalwart travelers. Half-orcs who have spent a lot of time in Rekkar-Sarrat, and half-orcs who were born there, can also come to find that they do not have to live lives of violence along the river as they often must in other places. Some areas know just as many half-orc business owners, successful merchants, clergy, instructors, guildheads, and farmers as they do warriors.

Half-orcs, like half-elves, have also formed their own communities. Settlements of half-orcs exist in a few regions, though they aren’t as numerous as half-elven ones. Some half-orcs have even struck out to found new settlements in the dangerous lands surrounding Rekkar-Sarrat, intent on starting their own regions. There have been reports of half-orc groups in the Sandwaste, Scablands, and even the Dunes of Endless Sun, wrestling with the true frontiers in an attempt to stake a claim. The southern regions of Lygat, Eshu, and Terek are also home to many half-orcs, where some can find that they fit in quite well with the primal, rural, wild, and savage nature of those provinces.

There are half-orcs who have also gone into the Scablands to seek out the true orc populations there. What becomes of these individuals is uncertain, for the people of Rekkar-Sarrat are not privy to much information regarding the orc clans there. It is generally thought that they are either accepted into the clans, driven off, or killed, though such a topic is not of great concern to the people of Rekkar-Sarrat, who have no dealings with the Scablands orcs. This lack of contact also suggests that there are virtually no half-orcs in the region that have parents who are human and Scablands orc.


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