The Raperean race once dwelled on the western edges of the Floodplain among the peaks of the Wall of Karsuss and atop the plateaus that now serve as the Sungod Stair. An avian group of humanoids, they were able to keep to themselves for centuries, largely ignoring the Halflings, Nomadi, and Shuka of the floodplain and the dangerous creatures that roamed the land. They did not engage in trade with any of the landed folk, able to supply themselves with what they needed. When the Pharosi arrived and began their conquest, the Raperean watched from their lofty perches as the Shuka were butchered to near extinction, the survivors forced into flight and hiding in the Dead Wastes. They watched the Nomadi bow their heads and stay their hands as the wave of foreigners washed around them, swallowing them up. The Raperean, proud in their staunch self-sufficiency, independence, and isolation, despised the idea of either outcome befalling them. So while war and subjugation coursed across the land below them, the Raperean simply took wing and left the floodplain without a single casualty.

The Raperean went west, at first simply relocating to the far side of the Wall of Karsuss that spilled into the Scablands. Life was a bit more challenging for the winged people here, where resources were fewer and their numbers more consolidated after their exodus. This side of the mountain range saw less wildlife and very little vegetation, so the Raperean began to spread out along the length of the range to not pick clean what they were able to find. They soon found that food and water were contested commodities, and other groups who had long laid claim to the region were fiercely territorial. The first altercations the Raperean had were with the goblinoids who lived along the floor of the mountains and in its caves. Blood was spilled, so many Raperean again took to the air and pressed on to the west. Others remained, keeping to the peaks of the mountains and out of the goblinoids’ reach, but continued with the struggle for survival.

Those who did go west soon encountered the orc clans that roamed the Scablands. It was swiftly obvious that the orcs were the true masters of this land, patrolling it and scavenging nearly everything from the barren plains. The orcs were also prone to fighting amongst themselves, however, which allowed for ample chances for the Raperean to be opportunistic in their movement and their own scavenging. As they continued exploring the Scablands, they eventually came upon a massive plateau, the largest they had ever seen. The orcs had camps all around the base of it, and strongholds in the cracks and crevices in its mighty lower reaches, but they had never climbed it. Gaining the top was obviously easy for the Raperean, who landed many of their number upon it. There they found the remains of a structure – a temple – on the center of the plateau’s surface. It possessed strange architecture and bore the image of a great bird-like humanoid of regal stature. The walls had deliberate holes and gaps in them. Here, so high above the ground, the wind constantly streamed across the plateau with abandon, and when it coursed through the temple it boomed and howled and echoed with resonance.

The Raperean had found their home, believing that this temple was theirs to find all along, put here by some divine being who marked this land for them. Why else would this place have images of such a grand figure bearing such resemblance to themselves? The Raperean made this plateau, the Seat of the Wind God, their own, both a holy place and a home. They scattered the orcs encamped around the base, driving them back east and south, and spent centuries carving into the side of the plateau itself, creating more space to live, filling the walls of the mesa with roosts and rookeries for their people. These events caused strife with the orcs who did not take kindly to be driven out of their own lands, and the two groups have fought ever since.

The Raperean have little contact with anyone but the orcs who are virtually their only enemies. Some Raperean have even settled in the highest spires of Hellspine Ridge, the home of a powerful clan. Their habitation there not only allows them to keep constant watch on the Hellspine orcs and impose upon them a continuous threat, but also serves as a constant insult. Though the Raperean are mostly on the defensive in their blood feud against the orcs, repelling repeated assaults on the Seat, they are known to launch raids and assaults as well. Their feud is generally a stalemate, however, as the orcs are far too numerous for the Raperean to deal with effectively, but the airborne folk are too far out of reach for the orcs as well.

If there are any Raperean in Rekkar-Sarrat, they are few, and no one knows or much cares about their presence. People of the floodplain who travel across the Scablands to deal with the painted elves in the Shimmering Sea know of the Raperean as they may pass under the shadow of the Seat of the Wind God, but many in Rekkar-Sarrat likely are ignorant to the existence of the winged people.


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